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Jiangyin OuLeiShi a quality assurance system valve

Jiangyin OuLeiShi a quality assurance system valve repair


Jiangyin OuLeiShi valve repair in good faith in order to user-oriented, in order to get the best customer satisfaction valve repair services, maintenance of quality valves to make the following commitments:

1, adhere to a warm reception:

Firmly establish the "Quality First, Customer First" concept, and strive to meet customer requirements valve repair, the maintenance of legitimate rights and interests of customers.

2, quality:

The establishment of valve repair customer files, regular follow-up visit, take the initiative to seek the views of technical guidance to carry out valve repair services to respond to customer technical advice valve repair, valve repair customer concerns excluded.

3, honesty: adhere to honesty, fair and faithful implementation of the signing of valve maintenance contract, not by reducing the operating projects.

4, the charges are reasonable: in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the national settlement and reasonable expenses, invoiced in accordance with the law.

5, put an end to shoddy: the standardization of parts to do the processing, do not use non-standard materials.

6, regulate the operation:

Compliance with national laws and regulations, correct operating behavior valve repair, valve repair seriously the implementation of contract operations and regulations.

7, to ensure quality:

Valve repair to ensure the establishment of a sound system, fully implement the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, and do a good job testing the valve maintenance records in accordance with the regulations issued by the factory valve repair certificate.

8, civilized production:

Do a good job in production and civilized production safety, prevent pollution, protect the environment, and constantly improve the services, facilities and services, to do site clean, beautiful environment, reasonable layout.

9, accept supervision: consciously accept the administrative supervision, supervision, social supervision.

Clearly the price system valve repair

For the implementation of industry and business administration of the provisions of the code price, the Company formulated the following provisions:

First, bills relating to repair and valve-related charges customer service and price, it is necessary to fax or mail the form, this valve repair customers

Second, through the valve must be approved both the contract maintenance charges to the development of standard contracts;

Third, valve maintenance costs include: time, materials, testing fees, packaging costs, transportation costs and other service charges;

Fourth, the strict implementation of the two sides signed the contract price of the valve repair, no unauthorized price increases, price;

Fifth, serious implementation of the provisions shall not be black-box operations are not free to change the public charges;

6, material, market prices are subject to change to the customer shall promptly stated that the back of the executable to be determined;

Seven, to prevent fraud, to prevent acts of unfair competition to sincere hospitality, good faith operation.

Valve repair environmental management system:

First, strictly enforce the "Environmental Protection Act."

Second, waste water, waste oil, waste stored in the specified location, no huddle, misplacing.

Third, from time to time collected by hand removal.

Fourth, serious pollutants such as rubber, packaging materials, such as to timely removal.

V. dry to minimize noise and air pollution, to ensure that the production environment.

Valve repair completed a quality assurance system

Jiangyin OuLeiShi maintenance of valve repair / maintenance procedures must be consistent with national standards, as well as relevant standards OuLeiShi valve repair. By the maintenance / repair of the valve detected after passing performance in a sealed and the shelf-life, like heart valves - for 1 year (natural wear and tear and except that the factors), if the new valve in the same conditions failed to meet the one-year use valve with a new period of actual use of the original shall prevail. Maintenance of quality in the valve in a sealed leak occurred during the period from my unit maintenance free valve / valve maintenance, until the normal use of the valve can be so far.

Valve repair factory certification systems for the completion of

To enable the valve to achieve customer satisfaction the quality of maintenance, maintenance of quality valves to confirm the technical requirements of the valve on the issue of factory certification, the development of the system. The system is applicable to the Department of the valve repair service quality inspector found qualified for the final certificate issued by the valve management. Valve repair services quality inspector is the implementation of this system is mainly responsible for people who fill out this form is responsible for issuing certificates valve maintenance management. Revised by the Company for the completion of the valve factory maintenance must be completed by the technical conditions of the factory in sealed valve sealing performance and sealing performance outside the testing, repair and care provided by full-time inspectors to issue the quality of the valve repair factory completion certificate. The Company for repair of valves, repair and inspection of the quality of the valves fail, do not allow the factory, the company manufactured the valve system for quality assurance. Valve repair in the quality assurance period, the quality of valve repair, the company responsible for repairing a timely manner. Due to natural wear and tear, that the factors that caused by impurities or new pipeline valves used in the same conditions failed to meet the year, does not belong to the maintenance quality.


Jiangyin Ouleishi to customers for better quality assurance system valve repair, valve repair to protect the interests of customers, welcome to the valve repair industry, customer login OuLeiShi Jiangyin (www.olschina.com) or call ( 0510-86101511) to provide better recommendations to improve the valve Jiangyin a quality assurance system OuLeiShi! provide valuable information on customer Jiangyin OuLeiShi prize will be given generous incentives - Jiangyin City, QC OuLeiShi Editor


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